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Whether you are looking to learn new skills, 建立在已有的基础上, 或者学习一个新的爱好, the Library’s 创建站 is here to foster creation, 创新, 和探索. 不知道从哪里开始? You can get help by stopping by during 配备小时 or 皇冠大全买球 预约. The 创建站 is open during 皇冠大全买球正常工作时间. 查看创作站 这里的规则.


Learn more about all the tools and devices available for use in the 创建站.


Prusa 3D打印机









Makerspace Access Pass (MAP)

In p艺术nership with the University of 怀俄明 College of Engineering and Applied Science and the 怀俄明 Dep艺术ment of Workforce Services – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, our 创建站 is now an Innovation Wyrkshop. That means that you can attend a MAP workshop in person or online to gain special access to the equipment both in our 创建站 and across the state at other p艺术icipating Innovation Wyrkshops. Call 577-7323 or visit the link below to learn more about our Makerspace Access Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 创建站?

The 创建站 is a community makerspace, where people with shared ideas and interests can gather to work on projects while sharing equipment and knowledge. 如果你开一家木工店, 金属车间, 电脑室, 工艺品, 电子产品, and a bunch of tools all under one roof, 你会有一个创客空间.

A perfect example of the many ways our community can work together, the 创建站 is a flexible workspace for individuals and small groups will share STEAM-related (science, 技术, 工程, 艺术, and mathematics) supplies and equipment to bring their inventions and creations to life. It also includes worktables, equipment, and a variety of gadgets for DIY projects and activities. 除了, the space will be used to enhance and expand the Library’s existing 项目 for all ages with hands-on STEAM-related workshops, 示威活动, 和项目.

The Library is grateful to the following generous donors, whose investment in the 创建站 supports learning, 激发创造力, and nurtures opportunities for the next entrepreneur, 发明家, 或者艺术家的出现:

Who can use the 创建站?

Adult supervision is required for anyone below the age of 12. Users must be 18 years old, or accompanied by a parent or guardian to use the Carvey, 3 d打印机, 和Glowforge.

Can I get help with my project?

是的,你可以通过 皇冠大全买球 to make an appointment or stopping by during 配备小时. Library staff aren’t experts on everything; however, they are there to help and learn things together.

What does the 创建站 cost to use?

The 创建站 equipment is free to use. Some materials will be available for purchase to use with specific equipment in order to maintain the integrity of the machinery. See the 设备 section above 了解更多信息.

Is there a time limit on any of the equipment?

The time limit is one hour for most pieces of equipment, but if no one is waiting to use the machine you may continue to use it.

How many people will be allowed in the 创建站 at one time?

Up to 25 people will be allowed in the area at one time. This could change based upon the activities in the space.

May I bring food and drinks into the 创建站?

No. Food and drink are not allowed in the 创建站.

Can I bring in my own computer/tablet and hook it up to the design equipment?

No. Personal devices cannot be connected to the 创建站 equipment. The 创建站 has two laptops that you may use for projects on a first come first serve basis. You may also use the Library’s public computers to create your Carvey, Cricut, 3 d打印机, 和Glowforge的设计.

Can the 创建站 be booked by outside groups?

是的! The 创建站 can be booked by outside groups. Examples of outside groups include homeschool cooperatives, Boys & Girls Club, Scouting troops, The Science Zone, school groups, etc. 请 皇冠大全买球 了解更多信息.

Can I or my group get a tour of the 创建站?

是的! See the monthly calendar below or visit the 项目 page 了解更多信息 on our program dates and times. If you have a large group, please 皇冠大全买球 to get a tour scheduled for your group.

Can I use the 创建站 to plug in my laptop or read?

No. The 创建站 is reserved specifically for creating, inventing and learning. Patrons are welcome to use other areas in the Library to read, 放松, or do other work not related to DIY projects.